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Telephone: 021 948 9066

Fax: 086 561 2802

Realclean - Services
Realclean - Services
Realclean - Services
Floors - Ceramic/Granolithic or Similar
Sweep and damp mop floor surfaces and passages
Vacuum all carpets       

Waste Disposal/Refuse Removal
Empty and clean all bins and remove to refuse area

Remove dust from all fittings, wall ledges, fire and hose reels, water pipes, light units, concrete ledges
Dust and damp wipe all vertical/horizontal surfaces and walls

Walls and Paintwork
Spot Cleaning of finger markings and stains
Wipe and wash tiled surfaces

Glass Doors, Partitions and Metalwork
Spot clean glass doors.
Window cleaning accessible without special equipment
Clean all frames, mullions and fittings

Clean and disinfect all bowls, basins, urinals, floors, and tiles
Clean and polish all bright metal fittings and mirrors
Replenish toilet paper, soap and towels (we can supply at cost)
Please note: Weekly “deep clean” is part of this service

Clean all cutlery and crockery
Damp wipe counter tops and appliances
Mop and scrub floors

Any other tasks as agreed upon i.e.:
Tea Girl Duties

A work schedule will be drawn up according to client’s needs and requirements on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis.   Changes can and will be made to ensure maximum productivity at all times.

To meet with your cleaning specifications we will provide:

Consumables:  (If necessary)
Mops/Cleaning Cloths/Buckets/Brooms/Dusters and Squeegees.

In addition we can provide all cleaning chemicals, toilet rolls, liquid soap, paper towel rolls, urinal blocks at additional costs.

Chemicals & Machinery
We will supply all the basic chemicals (excluding furniture polish, air fresheners, dishwashing liquid and black bags) and machinery needed to maintain a high hygienic standard.

Realclean Operatives will be dressed in the appropriate uniform and fully trained in using all equipment and chemicals on site.

Gardening Services
Cutting of lawn and edges – 2 cuts per month
All areas inside and outside complex
Weeding of flower beds
All cuttings will be removed from site
Winter program will include the pruning of trees/shrubs up to ± 2m
Cutting of trees as instructed
Watering of flowerboxes/pot plants
Monitor irrigation for malfunctions
Advise on landscaping

We do train our staff in security awareness.