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Telephone: 021 948 9066

Fax: 086 561 2802

Why Realclean Services?

Realclean Services are a locally based company with the Head Office situated in Bellville.

We regard our people as the backbone of our company, therefore we ensure

      *   Thorough and continuous training of staff.
        Committed hands-on management and communication.
      *   Highly skilled supervision and effective quality control measures.

We have a Staff Development Plan in place. Continual training of our staff is of the utmost importance.

Dedicated personnel and excellent supervision enable us to prevent crisis management with a reliable back-up system in place.

Realclean Services are certain that you will enjoy a higher standard of cleaning than at present, an enhanced appearance of your premises and a substantial overall saving in cost.

REALCLEAN allows you to concentrate on your business, sure in the knowledge that you can rely on a superior support system - REALCLEAN SERVICES.”