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Telephone: 021 948 9066

Fax: 086 561 2802

Realclean - BEE Rating
Realclean Services are currently a sole proprietor and do not have the profile of shareholdings at this stage. If there is constant growth, we will be probing for other Co Owners (BEE profiling).

Realclean Services are managed by the owner.  Our monthly staff meetings are attended by four of our supervisors on site to make sure that the interest of the worker is attended to. With future growth we will be create a Employee/Employer Forum where Skills Development, Employment Equity and Safety will be discussed on a quarterly bases.

Skills Development
Realclean Services spend great time on the development of the personnel.  Each staff member is trained according to the job requirements. We are in the process to appoint a SDF (Skills Development Facilitator and will soon complete the WSP (Work Skills Plan) with the Service SETA.

Employment Equity
Realclean Service strives to ensure that every personnel member is treated equally.  We follow the same procedures in terms of the applications for leave; sick leave, loans and any other concerns regarding requirements form the personnel. At this stage due to our workforce numbers we are not compel to comply with the Employment Equity Act, but as soon as we become a Designated Employer we follow the guidelines in the Act.

Preferential Procurement
Realclean Services strives to buy equipment and chemicals from companies that are BEE empowered.

Business Development
Realclean Services will strive to obtain as many contracts possible to create more employment in the current sector. Other cleaning markets will also be targeted.

Social Development
Where possible Realclean Services already provide loans to cover personnel requests, i.e. medical expenses, family losses, assistance with rental deposits (housing) and expenses for children education

We understand that Government is presently developing BEE Codes for the SME market thus Score Cards that will fairly measure this SME market. According to the new law implemented in December 2006 and Gazetted in February 2007, all companies with a turnover less than R5 million does not need to comply. We are sensitive for the process and we apply the stages where applicable and possible.